Dear Colleagues,


Century! That's a magical number that immediately appeals to every Indian, as the game of cricket has let this reverberate fondly in our ears. The effort to achieve '100' in a game has one level of excitement and in contrast a Company achieving 100 years of operations is far more exciting, as it means touching lives of generations, building and running assets for 876000 hours. Moreover, it has silently helped realize the dreams of millions and helped build the nation over the years – an emotion that we at Tata Power call 'Invisible Goodness'.


This is indeed a proud moment for each one of us here in Tata Power, for not only have we managed to hold onto the beliefs and values of our founder - Mr. Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata - but have done so for 100 glorious years, even when the business landscape around us changed many times over. We've also held true to the promise made by him - to deliver clean power to the industries in Mumbai.


It was Jamsetji's dream to provide the industries in Mumbai with a clean source of energy. Back in the day, industries in Mumbai were powered by coal-fired boilers - a far cry from being a clean source of energy. To realize this dream, he wanted to create a reservoir on the brink of the hills of Western Ghats, to harness the flow of water to let the turbines rotate and produce electricity. Although he did not live to see his dream shape into reality, his vision continues to inspire us. No wonder then that despite the baton changing several hands over the years, the enthusiasm has remained as relevant.


From its visionary beginnings in the hydros, Tata Power today has grown exponentially having pan-India as well as international presence. Its pioneering efforts in the power sector have made meaningful contribution to the country. It has also been a catalyst in spurring up various renowned Tata Companies like TCE, Tata Projects, etc. The growth story of Tata Power seems surreal on many levels. After all, what started with a vision, a powerful one has today taken shape of nation's largest integrated power company.


Each day, with the power solutions we provide, we brighten up several millions of homes. Our sustainability initiatives, our efforts towards caring for the environment, people, communities and customers have and continue to make a meaningful difference in the lives of many. Truly, 'Invisible Goodness' is deeply ingrained in the DNA of Tata Power. It is a pearl of wisdom that has been carefully passed down to us by our founding father and we hope to nurture it for the next generations here, to lay the foundation for the next several years and decades! It is only apt then that this emotion becomes the binding thread to weave pearls of our energy to deliver a better, bigger and valuable institution in our centenary celebrations.


I take this opportunity to sincerely thank our shareholders, customers, associates, partners who have shown trust in us and for their continued support throughout our journey and finally to all the company's past and present employees and their families, every single one of them, wherever they are, for having worked together to make this institution what it is today. You're what truly power us!


As we commit to prepare for the next several years and decades, let's raise a toast to the occasion; it isn't everyday that you turn a glorious 100 and get on with the 'Invisible Goodness'!


Regards and best wishes,
Anil Sardana